Most of the things you see in here were created by my hands or captured by my lenses on my everyday walks, rides, trips, games and exploring missions. NJOY!

Old vintage buddy

I bought this bike from ebay on October 2009, UK.
After a while I bought a new one and I damped it. The new one got stolen. Now I wanna make this old buddy a fixed gear bike and give it its life back! Most of the components do not have a brand. Still, it has a 1976 Huret Eco derailleur and still working perfect. The brakes are French CLB round the same age, so the brake levers.Well it demands knowledge and time to fix it yourself. I thought bikes were made for making your life more simple .. not making you work to earn money to fix your bike. Here in the UK I see so many damped, rusted or broken bikes that people can fix by themselves and use them for free but attempting to get some of them (when noone else does) seemed really intruiging to the police cunts.
Anyways .. everything demands money to be done. So .. lets wait a while for the little prince to make his show again.